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Porch floor is done

We spent all last weekend working on the porch floor again. It had rained the week before and since we still used our front entrance, the unfinished wood got kind of trashed. Luckily there was enough dry weather to dry out the wet floor before the weekend. I sanded everything again, this time just with the belt sander with the fence attachment and finished it of with an 80 grit. Just as I started applying the stain, it started raining so we put up a trap on one side and I managed to finish without too much water getting on the floor. Later that day, it really came down so i covered the floor with another tarp. All turned out well but the stain is still a bit tacky in some areas one week later. It’s been cold and wet here and I used an oil base. Oh well.

It's pretty purple.

It's pretty purple.

We also got a lovely letter from the city yesterday reminding us that we need to pull a permit for a job like this. Oh well. It’s not like we don’t believe in permit and building codes but obviously no one pulled a permit for that trench foundation that allowed our porch to sink about 8 inches. We are just fixing a mess and actually complying with code and they just want to know that. So hopefully we don’t have to dig out the foundations to show that we went down to 48 inches but we might. I don’t know how they usually do this but you can’t pour these tube foundations without backfilling as you go. What would hold the tube level? Anyway. We are hoping we will get a common sense inspector.

We have also decided to put off the new roof project until spring. We ran into some engineering aspects. We need to sister the joists before the new roof is framed and we need to put in some Simpson ties to counter act lateral forces. First the engineer had specified ties that would make us open up the walls down stairs and I said “no way in a million years” and so he found some other ones. Yeah. But all that took more time and our contractor had already uttered concerns about the schedule timeline. Now, our focus has shifted to temporarily insulating the attic with blue jean insulation that we will re-use for insulating in the basement below the Pex tubing and aluminum plates for the radiant floor heat. We are also going to try to finish up the porch as much as we can, getting the boiler commissioned so we can remove the old water heater and remove the chimney. Then we can jack up the kitchen, move the kitchen-dining room door and sister the upstairs joists. So you see, even without the new roof, we have our work cut out for us and maybe this sequence makes a whole lot ┬ámore sense anyway. We’ll see. We are both currently working overtime weeks and spent half of our weekend, simply recovering from the week. E.g. it is 10:30 and A. is still sleeping.

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