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2 years later…

And we are undoing work we did ourselves for the first time in our house. Our plans to remove the chimney entirely meant that we had to tear into the kitchen walls, the same kitchen walls we worked so hard on to finish with clay plaster two year ago. Oh well.

First, we started removing the dry wall around the chimney.

Then on to taking out the chimney itself.

We discovered that when the top of the chimney was rebuilt, they threw all the old brick into the chimney. The top of the chimney was red brick originally.

And then it is all gone

With only some ash left

And then we also decided to tear off the dry wall of the whole wall to the living room.

We are planning to move the kitchen door into the center of this wall, so we will have to move the solar pipes and the plumbing vents. We will reuse the existing kitchen door, which was swinging, and turn it into a pocket door. This will be much more efficient, since it will allow us to have a door, the few times of the year when we want it, but not have it be in the way the rest of the time. Moving the door will allow us the extend the counter to the left of the sink, where we might get a dish washer after all. We already moved the stove back into its original location and with the chimney gone, the fridge will go into that corner.

Now we need to fix some framing in the basement around the chimney and adjust some of the posts to level out the floor a bit better. Last weekend, A. started tearing off the floor boards in the attic. There, we will have to take out the knee walls and support the rafters onto the load bearing wall temporarily so we can get at the floor joists and sister them. This is our winter project and should keep us busy for awhile since sistering the joist, means redoing the wiring to the ceiling lights on the first floor. Right now, that is still knob and tube.

A couple of weekends ago, we also dug a trench from the house to the garage and laid in the conduit for the wiring to the garage. Now it is ready for when the electrician can come over. And now there is still a chance to get my kiln up and running in the garage this winter.

Stove in its new (original) location.

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