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This is what we got done this weekend:

We have some more sisters...

... and cotton insulation keeping them warm.

Oh, and then there is this:


Cut joists are headed off diagonally with 2×4’s not even 2×6’s. This front joists was cut to land on the wall below, which is not a load bearing wall. I guess I expected this and we will fix it. We are on a roll.

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Yes. We finally made it down to the permitting office on December 30th at 4:25. This time, the guy at the desk didn’t have enough time to go through the application and send us home with another to do list. They close at 4:30 sharp and there was another guy behind us. So he took our drawings. The week after New Year’s we got a call: Need to draw in garage in site plan. OK Need to see some calcs for the basement beam. Actually, the engineer who did our other calcs got that phone call and we learned about it from our contractor. So, A. did the calcs for the beam and I drew in the garage and off we went once again, only our third time, to the permitting office. Dropped off our stuff and got the call a couple hours later: “Your permit application has been approved. Just need to come down here and pay for” We’ll do that some other time.

So this weekend we got some joist sistered with some no-VOC Mean Green. So far the ceiling down stairs is holding up. Some hairline cracks have appeared but that’s expected. Because we still have the old lath and plaster ceilings, we have to knock off the plaster keys where the new joist will go because otherwise it wouldn’t fit in there. There was also some other challenges. The rafters sit on top of the sub floor so we have to cut the sub floor as close to the outside of the house as possible to get the new joist in. We had to go buy a new tool to do this. We went with a RotoZip by Bosch. With the rotary saw attachment it is tiny handheld circular saw. It works out fine, maybe better than we thought it would. We also got to use our new palm nailer and air compressor. Even though the palm nailer takes much longer than a framing nailer, it is still very nice. There just wasn’t room for a framing nailer and the palm nailer does any kind of nail, even a finishing nail.

This will be the first joist to get a sister

Applying the Mean Green Construction Adhesive

Clamped and ready for nailing

We have also made some changes in our living room. We finally got sick of our make shift TV stand and cinderblock shelf that looked like this:

This is showing the new TV we just got. So minus the new TV.

So we went shopping for Antiques to find a cabinet that could house our TV and stereo. Here it is:

An old pie safe that needed some care and that we paid too much for.

We like it. It hides our electronics and so we can pretend that we don’t watch TV. The ugly green chair has been replaced by a white and brown Poaeng from Ikea. Once the forced air furnace gets gone and the heating vent removed the cabinet will move to the center of that wall. Next on the list is a solution for our shoes and coats right behind the door. I am on it.

Got lot’s to do this year.

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