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Real progress

Since we sat down with the contractor last week, we realized how little time we have left to get our share of the project done. 5 weekends, including this past one. So we did bust our butts on Saturday and Sunday. We got subfloor done on the north side of the house on Saturday and with the help of A’s dad, pulled up all the floor boards on the south side. Here are some pics:

A look at the new subfloor

A look on the side with all the floor boards pulled up.

Looking the other direction

We have four weekends left to sister all the joist, put in new rough electric, insulation, put some subfloor down, change the opening for the stairway, move a vent pipe and remove some solar ready pipes we put in two years ago. It is gonna be a tight schedule but I am hopeful. With spring and day light savings, I have more energy and more daylight hours in the evening, so there I can put in an hour here or there after work. We’ll see what I have to report after next weekend.

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This week we asked the framing and electrical inspector to come by and put their OK on paper. The framing inspector didn’t have much to say. Looks good and looked at the 80 year old framing of the roof that will be torn off anyway. So OK, that was easy. On to the electrical inspector. That guy actually took a look at things and we learned this: Ceiling light boxes in bedrooms, living and dining rooms, any room really other than the bathroom, kitchen or hallway, have to be fan rated. Why, we are not planning to install ceiling fans cause I don’t need to come home to a decapitated husband  one day. We are tall people, ya know. Well, but someone some day might want to install ceiling fans. OK fine. Not that big of a deal. And we also have to replace two switch boxes, that are not deep enough for the number of wires. Good to know but man, I thought we were done on those, the metal old work boxes are not that easy to install.  On the ceiling fan boxes, there really isn’t much of a selection to be found. Lots with these crazy cross bars and mostly for new construction. We settled on these bracket boxes from Westinghouse but they are not perfect. The box is mounted 45 degrees off our current set up so that means making more adjustments on the openings. And then the knockouts are weirdly placed for the conduit so I had to install a 90 degree turn on one of the ends today. Pain in the rear but it is done, almost.

So it is really on to the first batch of subfloor. We also met with our contractor on Friday and set the date. They will plan on starting the first week of May, the 3rd or something like that. We’ll keep on busting our butts until then. No more moving that date out.

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Almost half way there

We are almost at the half way point with the sistering project. We got all the joists sistered on the north side, the old plumbing is cut out and the joists mended, the electricity is started with the conduit and wires in place for the bedroom, the new boxes in place in the bathroom and office and a new box cut in for the hallway.

Trying the chisel on the cast iron pipe. We eventually got that thing out. 🙂

Sisters above the bathroom

Some cats really don't mind what's going on around them, even when it rains saw dust on them.

Hopefully, we can wrap up putting in the conduit on the north side of the house, then the inspector can come out this week and we can start putting down some sub floor. The next two weekends, we won’t get too much stuff done, birthday parties and A’s two week installation workshop will take up our weekend time. Slowly running out of time.

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