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Time is up

Almost. We have this weekend to tie up some loose ends before the contractors will go to work on Monday. The subfloor is almost completely installed, just need to do one more row, the rough in wiring is almost completed, just need to run a few more conduits and wires for the upstairs electricity and install some outlets for the carpenters. The electric service is now underground and hooked up to the new service panel and most circuits are hooked up to the new panel. The 30 cubic yard dumpster is in the driveway which is a clear sign that something major is going to happen.

We had a meeting with the lead carpenter and company owner this morning to discuss some of the details of the framing. I think we cleared up many questions but I am sure there will be more. There are just so many more unusual things about our job: rafters framed on top of the sub floor, super thick on top of the deck roof insulation, the adding of 4″ of insulation to the outside of all the walls, including the new gable walls. And this list will continue, I am sure.

Subfloor being installed

This is the vent pipe for the kitchen drain. We don't think that it did any venting. What do you think?

And for all you cat lovers out there. This is Schatz sleeping half on the coffee table and half on the futon.

Well, more pictures after this weekend is over …

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We took on the kitchen door project this weekend, mainly because some of the new electrical needs to get put in its new location.

so here it is still:

So, what should we do, breakfast bar…?

No breakfast bar. Just moving the door to the center of the wall and it will be a pocket door.

Some inhabitants of the house are a bit confused, as their favorite spot in front of the heating vent is gone.

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And we are working hard

We have been busting our tushes the last couple of weekends and have made some significant progress. After we had torn off all the floor boards, we bought our lumber for that half of the house the following weekend. We decided to go with LVL on the 13 foot span because of the significant sagging we saw in the existing 2×6. Plus, the 2×6 weren’t really in great shape, some with big knots and some splitting a bit. Although LVL cost a bit more, we are already glad we went that way. We bought a 11 7/8 LVL that we ripped down into two 5.5 inch width like this:

And with the help of A’s dad again, we started putting it into place. We got about 1/2 done on the first weekend and finished the LVL and the joists over the kitchen this past weekend.

We also made the stair opening bigger. We will be lengthening the stairway, which is pretty steep right now. For that, we needed to cut one joist and head it off and also cut a hole into the ceiling in the dining room. We used the Rotozip to cut the plaster. We had removed the plaster keys from the other side and with some pounding the plaster came loose of its lath. The interesting thing was, that the mesh and 3 layer skimcoat treatment we had done, really held together and didn’t crack. We peeled that off in one sheet and it looked like the plaster stuck fine but the old paint came off the old plaster.

Fiber glass mesh holding together the skim coat we put on

A. is cutting the lath board.

Here he is putting in the header for the shortened joist. You can see the orange LVL in the background, so straight.

We have put in some long days these past 3 weekends but it feels good to see this much progress. Right now, we are pretty confident that we can meet our deadline with the contractor. We have to do the rough in electrical on this side, but the kitchen is already done from two years ago. That leaves three overhead lights (dining, living and porch light). We got to put down some subfloor, for which we have our fancy new siding and sheathing nailer, so it should go really quick. We still have to move a plumbing vent and remove the solar ready pipes we put in two years ago. And we are talking about moving the door opening from the kitchen to the dining room. This door will become a pocket door, so I can close it when I need it, for example to keep the cats off the counter when we are not around or asleep, and pretend I don’t have a door any other time. I can’t wait for the next weekend, bust my tush and fall into bed feeling accomplished at night.

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