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Slow Progress

The German work grew left and the rain came.

Starting ice and water shield.

And that’s about all we have to show for but pretty good for a one man crew. Oh yeah, and the windows got reinstalled with flashing, see picture. And the purlins were installed on top of the dormer roof. Now we think that form overhang might come too close to the skylights but we will ask the roof supplier/installer about this. Hopefully we can make it work with some tweaking.

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Since I am loosing track of counting the days it has been on roof construction and since the carpenters are mostly out of here, I am not gonna count days anymore. I took the crew four weeks plus two weekend days to get it to this point and there is a day or so of work to do plus clean up on their part. We have worked on the insulation and I also took some vacation trips with out German work crew :).

Insulation progress on the south side.

Front half of north side with 3 layers of insulation.

The new tarp roof.

The back of the north side is almost done, only one piece of plywood missing, but this is a slightly earlier picture. The front is all plywooded. The carpenters still need to frame the purlins on the dormer.

The windows are installed.

However, the windows were ordered wrong by the supplier: three lights for both upper and lower sash. Today, one of their guys is supposed to come by and remove the grill on the lower sashes. I am skeptical about this, but suppose they’ll have to try it. They are also installed without any sill panning or any house wrap our building paper in the rough framing. We will look at this with the PM and he will decide if they will reinstall the windows with those things in place. I think without the correct installation, the manufacturer will void the warranty.

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