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Almost 1 Month Later

Progress on the roof project is still slow. Right now, we have 3 layers of insulation on the dormer roof and the overhang is cut back and new sub fascia installed. Sometimes the weather doesn’t corporate, sometimes the body doesn’t or we just have other things going on, like work, oh and then there is work.

You can see the insulation on the dormer, the sub fascia is not on yet, that just happened yesterday.

In the foreground of this picture, you can see our neighbors structure that will house their PV array. City wouldn’t let them put it on the roof without major structural upgrades, and they couldn’t really┬ádo that since the upstairs is all finished (our old apartment).

There has been some progress on some interior details, mostly ones I can handle by myself or don’t need much of A’s time for. Here is a progress of fixing the hole in the bedroom ceiling:

Before, big whole from when we cut out the old fixture box.

Drywall piece cut to fit.

After 2nd coat of joint compound.

With clay plaster and light back in its spot.

You can’t really see the imperfections in the texture and the edges in this photo, but I don’t care that they are there. It is a major improvement from the hole and the ceiling and walls in this room need so much work anyway, that I will make it perfect sometime later, when I fix everything else.

I also hung some drawings on the wall from my life drawing class.

I dug through all my drawings from way back then and found a perfect set of one women sleeping and one man sleeping. I found that fitting for our bedroom. I also hung a third drawing on another wall.

And I tackled one more project. Finishing the cubby shelf and shoe shelf I had made by some guy on Etsy last winter. The cubby shelf is done and hung. The shoe shelf still needs another coat or two of finish.

Cubby installed behind the front entry door.

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