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It really seemed like we would never see this day, but yesterday it happened: We put the last piece of plywood on the roof to finish the sheathing. WOW.

Here is a recap:

1st row

2nd row

3rd row

Already the last row

This is the last piece of plywood. We wrote a little note.

Putting the last piece in place.

Nailing it in.

We started on the ice&water shield yesterday evening and hope to finish it today.

Because the tarps are off the roof, we were able to see what the light would feel like in the upstairs with the skylights. It is pretty awesome:

I also removed the rubber membrane.

Already, the space is really bright and it will even be better with lighter walls when the plaster goes on.

And I had some fun with wildlife last week. Something was seriously eating my tomatoes and I assumed it was squirrels. So I put out the life trap with some apples and nuts and the next morning, those were gone but no squirrel. I put some more apples and nuts and the next day, I had caught a possum:

He's a bit pisssed.

That afternoon I saw this little guy hanging out and so I checked out where he disappeared to.

He was digging gigantic holes underneath the retaining wall.

I put out the trap again after I dropped off the possum and thought maybe this guy likes cheese. Sure enough:

He's a ground hog.

I dropped him off the same place I took the possum, so hopefully they can keep each other company like they did in our back yard.

BTW, we do not live out in the country or on the outskirts of town so this kind of wild life is pretty amazing. Hopefully, the deer aren’t going to start showing  up any time soon.

It’s feeling like fall is right around the corner, the air is drying up and the days are getting shorter very noticeably. We still have a lot to do on the roof and are going to switch gears to the trim of the roof next. We have considered LP Smart Side Trim but I don’t like the edges because they look really unfinished. We have also considered figure jointed pine, a product called Windsor One, but I am not reading anything good about it when used on the exterior. So I think I am back to cedar and might just go with the select right knot grade for cost reasons. With the right kind of prep on the knots, I feel like it should hold up at least half the time than the 80 year old pine trim that is on our house now.

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More light please

We got our skylights in this past week and were able install them this weekend.

A. cutting out the plywood in the roof where the skylights had been framed in.

One of the skylights ready to be installed.

Putting a skylight in place and lining it up correctly.

I am thinking that this will be really nice. Our bed will eventually be right below these to skylights.

One side of the roof is finished with Ice&Water shield.

The guys also got some work done on the last layer of insulation and plywood on the south side:

The first row of 4x8's under way (and finished) 3+ more rows to go.

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1/2 roof done

We are really more that 1/2 way done with the insulation and sheathing of the roof, but the north side is now almost completed. Just need skylights and finish Ice & Water Shield.

The last piece of plywood on the dormer.

A.’s dad B. has been helping for the last two weekends and so the work is moving along faster. He is also coming out again today.

In other development: We have met with two other roofing companies. One two weeks ago seemed into our project and said we would get us some numbers the next week. We heard nothing so I emailed, he asked if it would be OK to send something on Tuesday. I said, sure, we are not too much in a hurry. Then I get an email from his admin on Thursday, saying sorry, but he is swamped and won’t get to our bid for quite some time and that we should go ahead without a bid from him. Weird! I send another email saying, “hey we are not too much in a hurry but would like a rough number for the roof. But if he isn’t interested in the job, that it would OK. Just want to know.” Silence. Oh well, so we met with another roofer yesterday and he got us a rough number by the end of the day and it was a nice number. So far so good. We look at his work everyday, since he did our neighbor’s house across the street and we have no complaints and our neighbors don’t either.

In other developments: I finished staining and finishing the shoe shelf for the front entry. Originally, I intended to build in the shoe shelf but I decided it was too much work and that I would have had to change the baseboard. I don’t want to be the type of homeowner somebody is going to upset with because I altered the original woodwork of the house.

Much more organized now. No more shoe piles and coat piles on the chair.

Today I am moving  on to another project that has been sitting for a while: repainting the metal patio chair that we bought last summer for the porch. We also have a couch to go with it, but I one at a time is a good plan for now.

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