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Dressing it up

Although we had considered other products like LP siding and trim, an engineered wood product, we ended up going with cedar boards. During the last three weeks, we’ve bought the boards, ripped them down to the sizes we need, sanded, primed and painted a large part of it and started installing it.

Putting up the spacer.

First trim board to up.

First layer of back gable done.

Prepping the trim has been taking a lot of time, especially because paint needs time to dry. We are doing two layers of paint before we put the boards up so we just need to do some touch ups once it is installed. On the gables, we are doing a three step design, the same way it is done on our neighbors house that was built by the same builder.

We have also gotten some other things done: A’s dad put up all the sheathing on the sides of the house, where it was removed to put in a rim joist. I then cut some of the board insulation and put it in between the rafters at the bottom of each and foamed it in. This should cut down on air infiltration and heat loss in the winter and keep the critters out.

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