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Wrapping it up

Oh boy, we finally finished the gable trim today.

The trim makes the rest of the house look pretty bad.

A. installed the last piece of trim.

View of the porch gable and main roof intersection.

Dormer gable

Reward pie 🙂

The roofer is scheduled again for Tuesday so still hoping for the weather to hold up. If he can get four full days in this week, he should be able to finish the roof by early next week.

The roof panels are already sitting in our driveway.

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2 Gables down

Two of our four gables are complete with trim:

Porch Gable

Trim detail which will hide the end of the gutters.

Rear Gable

We have one more weekend and then the roofer will show up to roll the panels and put a few on around the dormer and the front porch roof. Then we have Thanksgiving weekend to install the eave fascia on the dormer and the front gable. The roofer will come back after Thanksgiving and put on the roof. Yikes! We are going with the colonial red and there is no turning back now. I am a bit worried that we are going to have a red, white and blue house when it is all said and done but we just have to wait and see what it looks like when we get some siding on.

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will hold up until the roof is installed.


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We still don’t have everything done for the roof to go on but we did finally get our milestone of getting the insulation done on the outside walls, so the roofer can come in and install the flashing. Last weekend we had some rain so we didn’t get too much done. Instead we went and looked at some more roofs that our roofer did. We also stopped at an antique store. It was mostly for fun and to find a plant stand or stool for a plant we have. To our surprise, in the last room of the antique store, we happened upon a table, which is now gracing our dining room (picture later). We have also finished beefing up the porch roof and installed the sheeting to the main gable between the porch roof and the attic. The wall is also insulated and we framed out a door for access.

This weekend, we worked on the insulation on the front gable wall it is done enough for now.

And we had actually gotten the dormer wall done last Friday before the rain started.

I also painted a larger area of the siding to get a better idea of color:

I think the color is a bit brighter and we will also paint the water table trim the white trim color. We will get a pretty good idea of what it will all look like when we install the siding on the dormer.

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