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The slower side

The roofers have been working on the North side of the house on Monday and Tuesday.

Future Bedroom Skylights

Another view

We also worked on the back gable insulation last weekend. It had snowed and it was cold but we shoveled and wrong warm clothes.

Insulating the back gable.

A. also got some more things done on Tuesday so other than the roof, we are pretty much finished with outside work for the winter. We are supposed to get some snow this week and then really frigid temps next week, so I hope that the roofers can finish this before the Holidays.


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Here it is, the south side of the house is almost done:

South side of the house

A bit of a close up

It’s overcast today so the color doesn’t look very bright. On a sunny day, it will probably a really bright red. This is the fun part of a metal roof, it changes a lot depending on the light and sun angle. The roofer might not be back until Monday and there is snow in the forecast for Saturday. But it seems they don’t mind too much. I have to just chill and wait another week until I can have my big party.

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