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Not much to show for but sure have been busy with these projects:

Finally finished painting the porch furniture and sewing the cushions.

New old patio furniture

The potato bed is built and planted:

The appleĀ  trees bloomed and even the pair seems to be alive:

This is the disease resistant Liberty

One of the new apple trees, Haralson or Honey Crisp

Work on the siding is going slowly but we can see a bit of progress every weekend. Working around the weather and baseball isn’t always easy but we have a basement project, sister the floor joists, to fall back on. The garden is doing fairly good and there are still a few things that need to go in.

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Slow spring

Spring has been slow here at Little Eastside Bungalow in many ways. Weatherwise, it took a long time before it started getting nice outside and so the tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers were late popping up. The apple trees just started flowering this week and many other trees are just starting to bud out. It has also been slow in getting work done on the house. So far, we only have window trim completed on two of the three upstairs windows and that is basically it for the siding project.

Finished trim on dormer window

I have been getting a few more things done in the garden. We borrowed a truck from Andy’s co-worker and hauled a load of compost from the city compost site. I used a large portion of it to build a hilled bed for potatoes. If all goes well and the mice don’t eat all the potatoes, we should have a good storage crop this year. Other than that, I am just trying to get the garden planted.

New "raised" garden bed for potatoes

We did do some other projects this spring that aren’t at our house. A. grandparents needed help roto-tilling their garden so we went up there last weekend and helped them. For mother’s day, we planted a garden bed in front of A.’s parents house as a surprise for them. It was quite the reaction.

I was also really busy firing a bunch of my pottery which is now waiting for new owners on etsy.

Some things on the list for this weekend are reinforcing the patio sofa and making cushions for it. And with the potential rain in the forecast, we might find ourselves working in the basement on the floor joists.

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