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We installed the PEX tubing into the heat transfer plates over the last few weekends. Working overhead like this really beats us up. Our necks hurt the next day, our knuckles are scuffed up and our hands sore but we got it done.

Looping the PEX through

Yup, that would be moi pounding in some PEX

In other news: We made our first batch of beer last Friday. It looks like this:

Waiting for the right temp on the grain mixture.

Loading up the carboy

To finish out our brewing day, we went on a brewery tour at Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, ate a fish fry and listened to the Brewer game on our way home.

And I had my first art fair which as wet and I made a loss. Let’s hope it can only get better from here.

My booth at the art fair

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