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Wow, the back gable

We are pretty excited to announce that we finished the siding, soffit and trim on the back gable. We installed the last of the trim today and painted the nail heads and touched up the paint where needed. It looks pretty great, me thinks. But please see for yourself.

Back gable all done

A better look at the soffit. The vents are only installed to provide a top vent for the air space behind the siding and don't actually vent the roof.

Our next project will focus on finishing the boiler installation. It is definitely turning to fall outside, the air is dry, the nights cool and we have already dipped down into the 40’s. We have family coming to town the end of September and should knock the heating project out by then.

In other news:

We bottled the beer. It seemed low in alcohol content but it had been 3 weeks so we decided to go ahead and just get it done. Washing 60 bottles and sanitizing them is a quite a chore. Much more work than canning. Hopefully I did a good enough job and the beer will be somewhat enjoyable.

A. bottling the beer

I also participated in another art fair. The Walk in the Woods at Hawthorn Hollow by Racine was quite enjoyable. I made a little bit of money and it only rained a little bit. I also shared the space with another potter friend and that was much more fun than hanging out by myself.

Our booth at the fair

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