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How do you show that the house has heat? I’ve been asking myself that for the past month or so as I am contemplating my next post. I haven’t been able to come up with anything useful so a description via words will have to do. So here it goes. Our radiant floor heat is working and heating our house. We are not quite done with the first floor as we are still missing the bathroom and our bedroom but the rest of the first floor is heated, literally. The radiant heat is great. The warmth is a lot more even and we don’t have cold spots and temperature differences from one side of the room to the other. The temperature also doesn’t fluctuate as quickly as with the forced air we had before. It does take longer to heat the house so we have been adjusting our setback for night time and away to a higher temperature. I know that 2 occupants in the house don’t mind that at all. We currently don’t have insulation in the floor so the basement is essentially a heated basement right now. I don’t mind that so much as my studio is down there but it hikes up our heating bill in the long run. Eventually we will insulated with jean insulation between the floor joists.

Once the heat was working, we shifted our focus to the PV system which we have to install and commission by the end of the year to get our buy back rate and Focus on Energy incentive. After crunching the numbers and looking at how much we can afford we decided to go for the biggest system we can fit. Originally, A. had selected all black Sunpower modules with Solar Edge inverter but we recently learned that they are not compatible. Because we are very concerned about aesthetics – the roof is very visible and only at second story level – we wanted to stick with the Sunpower module, as the only all black module on the market so we ended up going with Enphase inverters. That means that each module has it’s own little inverter which helps maximize our production on a partially shaded roof. After some disagreements with the city inspector, who interprets code erroneously and who enforces his interpretation of the code, we are finally ready for commissioning today. The utility is coming out this morning. We have sunny skies and should be pumping watts back onto the grid.

PV system on our roof.

Making electricity


We are really happy with the look (minus the ladders) and I am glad we didn’t decide to go with a differed modules with white dots. People actually comment on how great and beautiful it looks.

In other news:

Little Eastside Bungalow gets a Christmas Tree this year:

Good for anything car.

Real, my style tree

Off into the New Year…

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