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Now that the leaves are getting crunchy under my feet, the nights are getting cool and the days are getting shorter, we¬† are thinking, talking and doing more house projects. The summer was hot and sticky here and often we had no motivation to work on any of our projects. We were also busy with baseball (that’s A. and the As) and art shows and pottery. We made some slow progress on some of our projects and the garden, of course, keeps me busy. The last couple of weekends we seemed to have found a bit of motivation again so I have been working on stripping the window casings of two of the basement windows and finished repainting them today. A. has started the dormer siding project. It took us forever to decide how we want to place and secure the ladders to work on the sides and then we kept getting delayed by swarms of wasps building their nests on our roof. Progress also seems slow but it the nature of doing detail trim work.

Starting siding installation on the dormer, freeze board is newly installed.

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