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Some progress news

We got a little bit of work done on the gable dormer siding and the root cellar last weekend. A. installed most of the straight pieces of the siding on the dormer. He had precut all the pieces and I had primed the cuts and touched up the paint a couple of weekends ago.

The easy part of the siding on the dormer is done

I have also been working on building a root cellar/cold closet in the basement. I framed up the walls last weekend. This was my first framing project and I think I did alright, especially with a horribly uneven concrete floor. Over the week I cut foam board insulation to fit in between the joists and yesterday we installed the door. We got a new exterior door from Menards that is Energy Star rated. I checked the local ReStore for a door we could use but nothing in the size I need and insulated. I would never buy this kind of door as my front door but for a root cellar it is a good enough. Installing the door was quite a challenge. The floor is so uneven that the sill was hard to even out but in the end we did a good enough job. The door opens and closes without problem and looks mostly plumb and square.

Root cellar walls

Half insulated ceiling in root cellar

Root cellar with door

We still need to cut the hole(s) for the outside ventilation, install the other half of the ceiling insulation andĀ foam all seams. I hope I can finish this up this week.

A. also worked on the new wood rack yesterday and got it more or less finished. He still needs to rip down some plywood for shelves and install all the shelf brackets. After that I can work on moving all the wood from its current rack to the new rack and start rebuilding my studio space. This is also a project I hope to work on this week. I didn’t need to work in the studio last week as I was bisque firing and glazing but now I am getting nervous about not having my space set up. I guess that’s a good motivator.

Rack for sheet goods and dimensional lumber.

Sheet goods will be stored in between the two stud walls and the dimenionsional lumber, trim etc will be on shelves that are supported by the metal brackets you see in the front.

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This weekend was a rainy one. We had pouring rain all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We can’t remember a weekend since this spring that we have had this much rain which also means that most of our attention has been on outdoor projects, saving interior, especially basement work for a rainy day. So here it was, the rainy day(s). We finally finished all the work on the beam project which included nailing in one last hanger and installing cross blocking.

Then we got talking about a root cellar, which I have been wanting to build for weeks now. I had a good potato crop, squash and carrot crop this year and I don’t know how to store these things in a warmish basement. Last year my potatoes grew roots and got all pruny and the carrots just get moldy in the fridge. Originally we thought the space underneath the basement stair landing would be a good spot and then we realized that the air vent piping would get in the way of a future addition out the back. So after considering all the corners in the basement we realized that the only logical space would be the corner of my studio. This also meant that my studio would have to move and we decided that the front corner on the driveway side was logical. Now we have to move a rack that we keep our wood on but A. welcomed the idea since he didn’t like the design anyway and since he wants to create a space for sheet goods as well. So now here we are totally rearranging the basement. It makes total sense and we are wondering why we didn’t think of this sooner. Unfortunately this is going to be a lot of work and will interrupt my studio for some time but maybe a bit of a break won’t be the end of the world either.

So A. started building a wall underneath the beam on the studio side of the basement today. This wall will support the new wood rack.


I ended up spending the day canning. I still have a ton of green tomatoes and made a green tomato salsa recipe along with another batch of tomato sauce.


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