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Resurecting the blog

It’s been over 4 years since I have added anything to my blog. It’s pretty hard to believe that it has been 4 years but more so in the way that my son just turned 4 years old. Four is not a toddler or a baby, four is a real kid. We are past the blissful but exhausting first year, the kinda easy but still exhausting second year, the “wow my kid has his own mind” 3rd year or “Terrible Twos” as some call that age, and then the Threenage year (thankfully past us). Even as a young 4 I can already see more ability to control emotions and maybe even consider the emotions of others. I am already enjoying more fun times not bogged down by a constant power struggle. And the creativity is pretty amazing. But I digress, this blog is about our house projects. The kid could be a whole other blog.

Here’s a quick list what we have gotten done on the house:

  • Replaced all windows on the first floor in two stages, 3 years apart
  • Finished insulating and siding the north and back wall
  • Finished painting the siding on the north and back wall
  • Framed the partition walls upstairs
  • Updated the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom in preparation for installing the rough plumbing for the upstairs bath
  • Installed a new toilet and sink in the downstairs bath
  • Installed a dishwasher, cabinet and counter in our kitchen (what a life changer!)
  • Turned our office into the kid’s room, patched walls, installed trim and installed a cool tree platform
  • Built and rebuilt the chicken coop
  • Started installing ductwork for an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator)
  • Installed bathroom fans in both bathrooms

The list what we still need to get done is very long but the broad goals are:

  • Finish the upstairs space with bedroom, bathroom, hallway and office space
  • Rebuilt the stairway from the first to second floor and patch downstairs walls
  • Patch walls and install trim on downstairs windows
  • Finish remodeling downstairs bathroom
  • Refinish walls in our current bedroom which includes removing the American Clay Plaster
  • Finish insulating and siding and painting the exterior
  • Finish installing the ERV

We plan to hire out some of this work, like plaster and finish carpentry because we do not want to be a slave to our house for that much longer. Having to spend most of our free time working on the house, is getting old and affecting our happiness as a family.

I plan to catch the blog up with individual projects for the next few months so stay tuned.



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