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Nothing better than a long weekend to get some work done on the house. We spent Friday in the basement as the temps were in the 90s and the humidity was nasty. We got another 4 joists sistered and are almost done with 1/2 of the house. Saturday, Sunday and Monday A. worked on the siding on the back gable while I spend my time with various other projects and helping A.

This is what the gable looks like after 3 days of working on it.

Close up of the siding, trim and sash color. Looks nice I think.

And I worked on stripping, sanding, priming and painting one of the basement windows and wells.

Another basement window, but this and worse is what I started with today.

With one coat of paint

Sash with glass removed, sanded and primed.

And here is a picture of my newest pet on its way to a butterfly.


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Unfortunately, the not so exciting structural projects are not done at Little Eastside Bungalow and we are currently in the process of sistering the floor joists of the first floor. Now, you might say that this project should have been done first and you are right. But like many new homeowners the path isn’t always so clear and we really needed a new roof first. Over the past few month we have been slowly working on simplifying the mechanicals and electric underneath the kitchen to make room for the sisters. This also allowed us the move all our electric into the new service panel and get the subpanel for the garage and finish the garage electricity. A. also noticed that the flooring nails stick out below the subfloor about 1/2 inch or so. Since we are planning on installing radiant heat from below with aluminum heat transfer plates and PEx, the nails need to be cut flush with the floor.

Flooring nails below the subfloor

This is just another one of those nasty projects: working overhead with the sparking angle grinder and the smell of burned wood. A. worked really hard this weekend and got about 5 joist cavities done.

Nail end ground off.

We had worked on installing the blocking last weekend and were able to get two new joists up this weekend.

Two sisters and you can see that there is a lot of stuff in the way.

Double joist hanger installed on the beam.

In our house, the joists are hung onto the beam by being notched and set onto a ledger. This leads to cracks in the wood over time right at the corner of that notch. I don’t think new growth wood would even survive this type of construction for a year. The old joists have held up OK but we can see evidence of cracks developing. The floor already feels a lot stiffer were the new joists are installed.

Even though this project isn’t necessarily pressing from a structural sense, we need to get these sisters in before we can install the radiant heat. But we can’t get this all done unless we rip out the duct work from the furnace. With temperatures in the teens (-8°C) over the last few nights, the idea of abandoning the furnace anytime soon seems impossible. And once that is done, it is another race against time, since we only have about 5 months in the non-heating season. So, it may look like we are not going to get a lot of exterior work done on the house this year.

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